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(Controls are in game.)

About: This game was originally made for the itch.io "Frog Jam" https://itch.io/jam/frog-jam within the time limit. It was fully programmed and created by TipTopBop and drawn/illustrated by https://twitter.com/shouioda0514. Please consider the fact that it is a very early prototype before giving feedback. Thank You.

The goal of the game is currently to make it to the end of the level and advance to the next one. For now, this is an early prototype so the only level is the tutorial to help you get accustomed to the controls and mechanics of the game in a less restricting way.

The main concept of the game that sets it apart from normal platforms is  the ability to use the Frog's tongue to swing. (Hence the name "Sticky Swing"). This allows many ideas and concepts to be changed and make a truly unique game. Something that is very hard to make these days with so many games nowadays.

The hardest difficulty of the game was doing the math to set a specific range of the frog's tongue. It's extremely complicated and took a lot of time and help to get right.

I plan on putting a lot of time into this project and making a true game and free playable demo in the future. I've already created a full checklist on what i'd like to add to the game with some big things including Co-operative play and enemies with full AI.

Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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Download and run the file.


Sticky Swing v0.1.2.zip 2 MB

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